A Message from Our Sponsor,

Here at PACEMD, we’ve made it our mission to improve medical care in Mexico and Latin America. Our program, thanks to our 150 dynamic instructors, has trained over 41,000 health care providers in the region. We are a Latin American Regional Reference Center for ALSO Emergency Obstetrics as well as the Emergency Nurses Association’s Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC).

We were proud to host 300 participants in our inaugural forum, and we’re excited for another great conference. Paired with professionals from around the world, our forum focus groups seek to develop mentorship relationships with physicians in local communities, form partnerships with clinical leaders in Latin America, and establish in-residency programs within Mexico.

The foundation of PACEMD’s programs has been immersion training in MedSpanish. This program intersects emergency medicine with global health by providing a unique blend of practical experience in the field as well as Spanish language instruction for medical professionals. Because our MedSpanish students are not only learning Spanish but also working directly within the medical arena, the program intersects emergency medicine with global health.

Our goals

  • Implement infrastructure development programs through community-based training in Latin America
  • Develop and monitor training systems in emergency care
  • Leverage care in Latin America
  • Establish a new fellowship/advance competency in Emergency Care and Global Health
  • Partner with SpanishPod101 to create an online “follow me” program for MedSpanish

We’re excited to have you join us at the 2019 Pan-American Forum of Emergency Care and Global Health!

The PACEMD program is an award-winning social impact program which strives to improve emergency and general medical care in Latin America through community-based training in Skills, Knowledge & Ability as well as to improve medical care in the US and Latino populations through MedSpanish’s language and cultural literacy training. PACEMD is an ex-oficio member of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine and has aligned itself with IFEM’s new Global Health efforts

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